How to Join the Friends of Abingdon Civic Society

Membership of the Abingdon Civic Society is open to all.

Experience has shown that, as individuals, it is difficult to make our voices heard but, as members of the Society, we are ideally placed to be listened to and can truly make a difference.

If you care about our historic town, its people and its environment, please join the Abingdon Civic Society – just download the Membership Application Form and send it to the Membership Secretary, Olga Senior. She can be contacted by emailing the Membership Secretary or by writing to: Membership Secretary, Friends of Abingdon Civic Society, 12 Park Crescent, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1DF.

Note: if you join after 1 October, a one year’s subscription takes you up to the end of the following year. Don’t forget – membership of the Civic Society makes a perfect gift.

Membership Rates

Membership TypeSubscription Fee
Single Adult, 1 Year£10
Couple, 1 Year£16
Single Adult, Life£100
Couple, Life£160
Under 30, 1 year£5
CorporateOn Application