Large Developments

Lodge Hill South-facing slip roads: the latest update from the County Council is that “the planning application is on track for submission within the next few months this winter (2021/2022), with a view to starting onsite works in the summer/autumn. At the moment the scheme is progressing through planning and design stages as intended following the ‘virtual exhibition’ earlier this year and subsequent incorporation of feedback.” We have recently heard from another source that the application is due in April.

“Land North-West of Abingdon”: this is the proposal for 200 homes to the west of Tilsley Park (P19/V0169/RM). Construction on the development, now known as Kingsgate, and associated road alterations, is well under way.  A number of mature trees along Wootton Road have been felled low to allow the installation of underground service pipework and cables.  There was some concern that more trees were felled than originally agreed in the arboricultural plan for the site. The Civic Society and others raised this with VWHDC and were assured that only essential removal was done and that the developers are required to plant a great many new trees including some semi-mature ones which are good for carbon storage.

“Circus Field”: an application (ref. P21/V0024/FUL) from the discount supermarket Aldi to build a small store in the north-east corner of the “Circus Field” to the west of Wootton Road has now been approved. The Civic Society felt that, although it would be very convenient for local residents, in both the existing housing and the new developments, it would generate traffic problems.  Some amendments were made to the application with tweaks to the access arrangements.

VWHDC still insists that housing should be built on the remainder of the Circus Field even though the 200 houses originally specified for the whole North-West Abingdon development are now accounted for in Kingsgate. We will continue to oppose any more housing in this area which is cramped and surrounded on all sides by major roads.

“Land North of Dunmore Road and Twelve Acre Drive”: the detailed application for the first 425 houses on this development was submitted in the autumn 2019 (P19/V1998/RM) and has now been approved – despite several members of the Planning Committee expressing reservations. Work has started on this development which is now known as Abbey Fields and is being built by David Wilson Homes. There is still no detailed application for the central services area of the development (shops, surgery etc.) which is a matter of concern, although we understand that the planning conditions say that the school must be ready by the time 350 houses are occupied and the community centre by 500 houses.

Another condition for the approval was that “No more than 400 dwellings shall be occupied until a contract for the construction works to provide the south facing A34 Lodge Hill slip roads has been awarded by the County Council.”

“Land North of Twelve Acre Drive”: this parcel of land (between Oxford Road and the Peachcroft Farm turkey field) was included in the outline planning approval for the rest of the North Abingdon development, so the same conditions will apply. Bellway Homes are preparing plans for 371 houses and flats on this site. More details here.