Large Developments

North Abingdon developments

We were pleased to see that the VWHDC recently requested the withdrawal of an application (ref. P18/V2180/FUL) to build 61 houses on a small plot of land in northwest Abingdon (known locally as the Circus Field) on the grounds of a lack of amenity space around individual houses. If the application had not been withdrawn, it would have been refused. This is a good start – long may it continue.

“Land North-West of Abingdon”: this is the proposal for 200 homes to the west of Tilsley Park (P19/V0169/RM). Outline approval was given a couple of years ago and the developers are now seeking approval for the detailed arrangements. The Civic Society (and others) have expressed concerns over the inadequacy of infrastructure provision, traffic issues and access to shops and services.

“Land North of Dunmore Road and Twelve Acre Drive”: the detailed application for the first 425 houses on this development was submitted in the autumn 2019 (P19/V2588/RM) and is still under consideration. No detailed application for the central services area of the development (shops, surgery etc) has yet been made.