Large Developments

North Abingdon developments

“Land North-West of Abingdon”: this is the proposal for 200 homes to the west of Tilsley Park (P19/V0169/RM). Despite concerns expressed by the Civic Society (and others) over the inadequacy of infrastructure provision, traffic issues and access to shops and services, permission has been granted for 200 houses to the east of Wootton Road. Construction on the development, now known as Kingsgate, and associated road alterations, is now under way.

“Circus Field”: an application has been made by the discount supermarket Aldi (ref. P21/V0024/FUL) to build a small store in the north-east corner of the “Circus Field” to the west of Wootton Road. The Civic Society has objected to this because, although it would be very convenient for local residents, it would generate traffic problems. In addition, VWHDC insists that housing should still be built on the part of the Circus Field not occupied by Aldi, although the 200 houses originally specified for the whole North-West Abingdon development are now accounted for in the Kingsgate development. We will continue to oppose any more housing in this area which is cramped and surrounded on all sides by major roads.

“Land North of Dunmore Road and Twelve Acre Drive”: the detailed application for the first 425 houses on this development was submitted in the autumn 2019 (P19/V1998/RM) and has recently been approved – despite several members of the Planning Committee expressing reservations. The Civic Society objected to the layout and landscaping which do not meet current standards and we also pointed out that the mix of house sizes does not appear to fit with the assessed needs i.e there is too high a proportion of large homes and very few at the more affordable end of the market. We also expressed concern that no detailed application for the central services area of the development (shops, surgery etc) has yet been made.

A separate application was made for preliminary work on the site entrance: this was approved and work has started.